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The Business Coalition for Tax Reform (BCTR) is a forum for bringing together the views of the business community on tax reform issues. BCTR members share the common objectives of creating and implementing a better tax system that enhances both international and domestic business competitiveness and fairness and which assists in creating a business climate conducive to investment, growth, job creation and private saving.

The BCTR maintains an active interest in the implementation of the New Tax System tax reform measures and continues to promote understanding of the reasons for further reform and to provide input into the implementation process.

The BCTR aims to promote 10 principles for Australia’s taxation system. While much has been achieved in recent years in the tax reform arena, the task is ongoing with much still to be done. If we are to meet the objectives outlined above, Australia cannot afford to rest here, nor can Governments afford to restrict their consideration of taxation reform to business taxes levied at the Federal level and the domestic taxpayer. The BCTR encourages both Federal and State Governments to take a renewed interest in tax reform and to do so from a ‘whole of economy’ perspective. The best taxation system for sustained long-term economic growth requires that all levels of taxation in Australia are working efficiently and facilitating Australia’s international competitiveness. Furthermore, that the tax system meets not only the challenges of today but those likely to arise in the future.

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