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The Business Coalition for Tax Reform is an apolitical organisation comprising industry associations drawn from all sectors of the economy and representing small, medium and large businesses. It was formed in October of 1997 to co-ordinate the business approach in the taxation reform process.

Members of the Coalition are held together by a common desire to build a better tax system. Probably more than any other group, business knows that the old tax system was for too long on its last legs. It needed to be rebuilt to assist us in meeting our national objectives. Our tax system should simultaneously enhance both international competitiveness and fairness. It should create a favourable climate for investment, job creation and saving.

The Business Coalition developed five guiding principles for tax reform:

  • The elimination of as many existing indirect taxes as possible
  • The adoption of a single-rate goods and services tax on as broad a base as practical
  • A comprehensive remodeling of Federal/State financial relations
  • Reductions in rates of tax on income and simplifications to business tax arrangements
  • Substantial reductions in the poverty traps confronted by low and middle income families.

The Business Coalition for Tax Reform is determined to maintain its apolitical stance. We do not support any political party. We support comprehensive tax reform. To facilitate this process we commissioned detailed research from Australia’s most highly respected tax experts and academic economists into the nature of changes that should be made to our tax system. Our process has been transparent. We have shared data and research with interested parties and have listened to all participants in the debate.

Although not all of our objectives have been met, we see the progress towards a much superior tax system that has been made over the past year or so and we will continue to work for continued improvements in the period ahead.

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