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BCTR welcomes proposed payroll tax reform

Friday 30 March 2007

The Business Coalition for Tax Reform (BCTR) welcomes the agreement today of the State and Territory Governments to simplify and partially harmonise their payroll tax provisions by 1 July 2008.

BCTR's Chairman, John Stanhope, noted that the BCTR had been calling on the State and Territory Governments to lower and harmonise their payroll tax base and administrative arrangements for some time.

The introduction of common provisions and definitions in the areas nominated by the State and Territory Treasurers will go a long way towards reducing unnecessary compliance costs.

In particular, businesses with operations in more than one jurisdiction will benefit the most, as will small and medium businesses – who often bear a disproportionate share of regulatory compliance costs.

However, the BCTR believes that this should be step one in a series of progressive reforms that ultimately aim to completely harmonise all payroll tax provisions and definitions between all of the State and Territory Governments of Australia.

Further, and in keeping with their promise to Australian business, the BCTR again calls on the State and Territory Governments to undertake those reforms still outstanding from the original 1999 GST Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the Commonwealth Government, including the abolition of stamp duty on commercial property conveyances.

About the BCTR

The Business Coalition for Tax Reform is a coalition of business groups seeking to promote a more efficient and robust taxation system for Australia. BCTR members share a common vision: to create and implement a tax system that enhances business competitiveness and fairness, and assists in creating a business climate conducive to investment, growth, job creation and private saving.


John Stanhope, Chair, BCTR through Stephen Morrison on (03) 9632 3701.

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